We are not limited to surface cleaning or indiscriminate mechanized methods. Our immersion wash is the most thorough yet gentle way to coax soils from fabric. Long soak times replace the need for harsh chemicals and aggressive agitation.

The process usually takes two weeks to complete.

P. Nalbandian performs these seven steps on fine quality area rugs it cleans.

Here’s how we at P. Nalbandian perform each of the seven steps:


Dusting is done after the rug is logged in, tagged, and inspected. The rug’s measure- ments are taken and recorded along with the results of its inspection and any special notes or customer concerns.

The rug is then placed in a tumbler to eject dry soils and debris. The rug is dusted several times, alternating between front and backsides, forcing air through the foundation and pile ber.

Dusting is complete when the clouds of dust subside and no more debris is ejected.


The wash is performed after the rug
has been tested for potential dye bleed problems. Then the rug is immersed in water in a wash pool where it is machine agitated (or hand brushed in the case of
delicate antique rugs) using a natural soap (Orvus).

Both sides of the rug are agitated, working soap into the rug’s bers.


During the soaking process, the water in the wash pool is constantly circulating with clean water running in and dirty water pumping out.

The soaking process allows time for age- old dirt and contaminants to dissolve and separate from rug bers. However, in cases of urine contamination, vomit, or smoke damage, a deodorized is used.


After soaking, the rug is ushed and rinsed out. This occurs with the rug still in the wash pool, immersed underwater, while clean water circulates into the pool and dirty water is pumped out.

Then a roller, which also features a jet stream of water, is pushed over the rug to force out any remaining contaminants.

Both front and back sides of the rug are ushed in this matter.

5. DRY

Rugs dry while hanging over a raised move- able beam. At the end of the day, when all newly washed rugs are on their beams, the dehumidi ers, heat, and air circulating fans are used to enhance drying.
Hanging the rug is important because it allows climate controlled air to circulate on both the front and back. Using this method, rugs generally dry overnight.


Fringe cleaning occurs after the rug is dry but still hanging over the beam. Using a reducing agent or whitener, fringes are stripped of any discoloration left from the cleaning. The solution is applied, left to sit for a few minutes, and then rinsed away.

Fringes are then vacuumed to a near dry condition and combed out.


During the detailing process, the rug is dusted again with a dry air tool. This insures that any stray or loose grit that may still be clinging to the rug is blown away.

The rug is then reinspected and groomed.

These seven steps outline a standard wash at P. Nalbandian.

In addition, our facility is equipped with
an ozone chamber, which can be used to eliminate especially stubborn odors in rugs. We also offer mothproo ng, rug wrapping, padding, stretching, storage, pick up and delivery, repair, refringing and shipping.

We treat your rug like it was our own, and we encourage you to come and see the results for yourself.