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It is my firm belief that I have a genetic predisposition to be a part of the rug business. My “calling” dates back to the early 1800’s  and to Kayseri, Turkey.  My family migrated from Turkey to Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1900’s.  When I was four years old, I remember witnessing my grandfather’s business, which included sales and service.  I also remember spending summers in my father’s repair shop.


In 1969, my parents moved to the United States to reunite with my mother’s family.  In 1975 I began to learn the how to repair carpets from my mother who, seemingly, was born with a needle in her hand.  After working on a particular rug for a couple of weeks, I vividly remembered questioning the value of the rug.  When I realized the value, I knew my efforts weren’t reflected in the price.


After I got my license I worked at Brookline Oriental Rugs Inc.  I worked there for five years with my sister’s in-law.  I was exposed to cleaning, repairing, and sales.  After I realized I my success in my commission for my sales, I was motivated to begin P. Nalbandian Oriental Rugs.  In 1983, I established my business and know that this was destined to be my future.  



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